Tracey Maurer Photography, a San Antonio commercial studio, specializes in photographing food, products and people for print advertising campaigns, cookbooks, product labels, editorials, websites, public relations materials and other print media. Our goal is to produce tantalizing images to complete your marketing vision.

"I shoot food because I love it. I'm passionate about every aspect of the process, from finding the perfect ingredients to choosing the best angle to shoot. Shooting food allows me to see things in ways that are interesting and new. Food is playful; food tells a story. It's in the details, catching the drip, showing the stem, revealing the food's beauty. I thrive on the collaboration process because I see how the input from the team creates something stronger than anything that we could have ever imagined on our own. I have been photographing food for 16 years and I have learned something new from every shoot."

"Some of the best things happen in the kitchen"
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